Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Kentico 8 With Exclusive Features than ever before

The all in one Integrated marketing solution Kentico new version come with new stuff.New kentico 8 is clear, Simple and welcoming. The nonfunctional things like Gradient, colors are removed to achieve the peace of mind at work. In the latest design purposeless Graphics are restored with typography and according to WCAG recommendation all the color are available.icons and pictographs made current in the Kentico 8.
Kentico 8 has been updated with new features like integration of SharePoint & Linked In. The Internet Marketing functioning is great with Kentico 8 and is much faster and better compared to older one. It comes with enhanced control panel experiencing the user to use directly the required application that is needed. The new dashboard tiles can be set according to your flexibility to experience kentico with utmost comfort and productivity.
Exclusive in Kentico your dashboard provides real-time knowledge by viewing current data from different applications into their live tiles chosen. By cutting the complexity it became easy to monitor.Up-to-the-minute information of your website can be known in a glance with out opening all the applications.
To make sure that user getting best possible performance, Kentico also comes with advanced debugging tools helps to track all the internal operations, surveillance find and fix performance issues and detailed information about the problems to report Kentico development or support. Apart from this thing there are loads of new features involved in Kentico8
Online Forms : With out any help of a Developer or technical knowledge you can create tons of online forms by to publish in your website. Just drag drop to create forms for various uses like registration, Messages, Application and many more. With just one single click the submitted input data can exported to Excel Spread sheet. When a user submits the data in your website you can receive that data to your preferred Email. You can also set up an auto responder to the user who submits the data. The forms are displayed in tabular format. But you can use your HTML Code and can set CSS styles.
So, Kentico 8 makes work simpler and faster for Digital/Online marketers. The areas like automatic Posting in popular Social Networking sites adds a great benefit for the site owners. Apart from Facebook and Twitter, Now Linked In is also a part of social supporting network . It is highly recommended to create a website using Kentico and enjoy the maximum benefits.

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