Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Outline on MS Dynamics CRM

Dissimilar to other CRM, MS Dynamics CRM is the best apparatus in deals gainfulness and additionally helping in advertising imminent. This CRM with a mix of different angles, It gives social bits of knowledge, dealing with the battles furthermore in regards to the brainpower of business. As this device arranges the vast majority of the things naturally. It lessens the manual work furthermore as far as expense. With this successful robotization work the client feel so secured in appreciation to deals, advertising and client administration fields.

One can expect the 100% ROI in advertising and deals power mechanization process. Aside from it, Dynamics CRM portable application helps clients to deal with the business from their cell phones. The application helps in getting to the incorporated information and backings online networking reporting straightforwardly into your CRM application

How enormous your business may be, Dynamics CRM issues you an aggressive edge. As Dynamics CRM comes in distinctive releases, contingent upon your needs and assets, you can pick the particular case that satisfy your needs.

The most recent form of Dynamics CRM is presently more easy to understand with restrictive highlights. New highlights are recorded beneath.

Most recent Features of Dynamics CRM

•    No more route sheet

•    It just obliges a click or tap to contact your clients.

•    The New Dashboard is so adaptable, where you can oversee you records, leads, records and opportunities from it.

•    With couple of taps you can enter any of your client information.

•    Communicate with your contacts utilizing Skype.

•    The new tiles stuck to the dashboard give data initially.

•    Cortana joining.

Coming to upgrades of Dynamics CRM:

1.    Mobile Sales Enhancement

2.    CRM Outlook Improvement

3.    Security Enhancements

4.    Improvement in Business Process

5.    Business Rules Enhancement

6.    Voice Command to get to CRM

7.    Search Engine

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Developing Mobile Apps using Xamarin

Xamarin is mostly preferred for developing cross platform mobile apps. Xamarin with visual studio or Xamarin studio gives all the advantages of powerful IDEs such as Eclipse or Netbeans. Xamarin has the capability to deliver high performance compiled code; this compiled code provides full access to all native APIs for creating native apps with device specific experiences. Whatever the developer does in Objective C or Java for native development, the same can be done in C# with Xamarin.

Evolution of Technology

We are in an age of technology where there are more mobile phones than public utilities. During the past 10 years, technology has taken a giant leap and has changed the lives of millions of people around the world.  There was a time when the technology was easily available in developed countries but due its far reach and advantages it has evolved at a faster pace in developing countries.  Currently, almost all the people ranging from developing to developed countries have the presence of technology in their hands. When we talk about the technology, its not computers or Internet but both packed in a single miniature thing called as a mobile phone. Mobile phones play a crucial role in a person’s everyday life. Right now, they are not just used for making calls or sending text messages but indeed they are packed with an operating system, which provides almost everything that we require.
Almost everything meaning applications, these applications are provided by the available platforms in the world. What makes these mobile phones available to every one? Earlier there was a time when mobile phones were costlier and the rich were only able to afford it but thanks to the shear competence between the mobile phone manufacturers the costs of mobile phones have dropped very drastically. Due to this, everyone is able to afford a mobile phone. For these mobile phones, applications play a pivotal role. There are many applications available in the market and they can even become a part of a person’s life. So, for mobile phones to evolve, there is a constant need of applications. At the same time, for bringing out the applications to users, developers play a pillar role. What technology should the developers choose to develop a mobile application? When we talk about the mobile application development, the first thing that comes in to a developers mind is Native Development. Native development is faster, better and produces more responsive applications meaning applications that can give native feel. Though, native applications are good but if a developer wants to develop a native application on android, windows and IOS he needs to develop 3 different applications, which at the end give the same result. Because of this reason, the cost for native mobile application development increases.
An alternative form of developing a mobile application is by using phone gap. Costs wise phone gap development is cheaper when compared to native development. Phone gap development has its own pros and cons. The good thing about phone gap development is that a single code base can work for all the platforms such as android, windows and IOS. But one of the negative aspects of phone gap development is the applications do not give a native feel and they always have a lag for a certain amount of duration. But these can be overcome by hiring a good designer and JavaScript developer.
Another way of developing a mobile application is by using Xamarin platform. Xamarin provides two types of development:
·         Xamarin using native
·         Xamarin using forms
Xamarin using native is always preferred if a developer wants to develop an app using Xamarin technology. Xamarin using forms is complex and most of the developers around the world have reported some critical issues on it. Xamarin development makes use of C# coding and the look and feel of a Xamarin application is almost similar to a native application. In Xamarin development, front end i.e., user interface is developed by using native platform, whereas the back end is developed by using C# programming language.

Reasons for Choosing Xamarin Development

 Xamarin is mostly preferred for developing cross platform mobile apps. Xamarin with visual studio or Xamarin studio gives all the advantages of powerful IDEs such as Eclipse or Netbeans. Xamarin has the capability to deliver high performance compiled code; this compiled code provides full access to all native APIs for creating native apps with device specific experiences. Whatever the developer does in Objective C or Java for native development, the same can be done in C# with Xamarin. 
Xamarin technology allows the developer to keep native UI across all the three platforms. With the help of this, native performance can be preserved and at the same time it gives access to full API coverage, shared code base and application logic. The most important factors that a developer can re-use in Xamarin technology is the Code. This indeed, saves the time and resources.  
Android, IOS and Windows SDKs are integrated with Xamarin. This integration is very helpful to the developer as he can access the native controls that exist for the I Pad, Android or Windows but only coded once. The ability to re-use 60-80% of the code cuts the development time in half. At the same time, a single code base reduces the costs for support and new features introduction.
Xamarin for android also provides support for Google glass devices. Basically, development on windows and windows phone is natively supported by visual studio and Xamarin is not involved here. This means, Xamarin applications for windows platform can be developed without the need of Xamarin SDK for windows.
At times, the developers may not test the application on specific devices. This shortcoming can be overcome with the help of Xamarin Test Cloud. The developers can test the application directly on Xamarin Test Cloud, which offers hundreds of devices. It also offers continuous integration, reports, and tests of fragmentation and object based UI testing.

Today, nearly 500,000 developers are already using Xamarin to create amazing apps.

I would like to conclude by noting that, with Xamarin you write your entire apps in C#, share the same code on Android, IOS, and Windows. Get the flexibility to reuse .NET libraries and easily incorporate platform specific frameworks and libraries when you want to. In this way, you can develop faster, modern, reliable and user-friendly applications in a cost effective way.

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Ray Business Technologies Pvt Ltd, www.raybiztech.com, is a global Information Technology (IT) Services and Solutions company. Raybiztech offers comprehensive end-to-end IT Services for Business Application Development & Maintenance, Enterprise Solutions, Testing & Quality Assurance, Embedded Systems, Cloud Computing and IT Infrastructure Management to organizations in the Banking & Financial Services, Insurance & Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution & Logistics, Media & Entertainment, Leisure & Travel, Communication, Energy & Utilities, Federal Government verticals and Independent Software Vendors. Raybiztech's innovative IT Solutions in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Portals and Content Management (EPCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Mobility including Product Development and Life-Cycle Support, have resulted in significant strategic and cost advantage for their clients worldwide.
Raybiztech is now leading the way in powering next-generation enterprises with its Cloud, Mobility, Big Data and Social Media solutions. Our excellent team of Technology Professionals work with enterprise clients in North America, Latin America, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Kentico CMS Utility for Improved Site Performance

You may have detected that once a Kentico website is deployed on to a server, after we browse the location pages for the primary time, it takes abundant time to load the pages. Once it's cached at server aspect, then the performance of pages improves.

The solution to avoid the on top of downside would be; if can|we are able to} visit all the pages with-in the location then server aspect cache are going to be generated and performance of the pages will improve. If we've solely variety of|some|many} number of pages we will bonk simply. But, if we've sizable amount of pages then visiting all the pages could become a tough task for the consumer. so as to avoid this sort of issues we want to automatize the visiting of all pages employing a program/tool.

We have created a CMSUtility program/tool to go to all the pages with-in the location mistreatment casperJS.

CasperJS is associate degree open supply navigation scripting & testing utility written in Javascript for the PhantomJS WebKit headless browser and SlimerJS (Gecko). It eases the method of process a full navigation situation and provides helpful high-level functions, strategies & syntactical sugar for doing common tasks such as:

process & ordering browsing navigation steps
Filling & submitting forms
Clicking & following links
Capturing screenshots of a page (or a part of it)
Testing remote DOM
work events
Downloading resources, together with binary ones
Writing useful check suites, saving results as JUnit XML
Scraping net contents


Use casperJS to browse the sitemap.xml of the location. casperJS runs on the PhantomJS surroundings.
for every page listed within the sitemap.xml, do a GET request for the page.
this may create the server cache the page for quicker response for ensuant requests.
The tool can maintain a log for all the pages with-in the location.
The tool would maintain a log of the pages visited and its standing together with reponse time, within the native directory wherever the tool is run from. Example: World Wide Web.raybiztech.com/blog
For the primary time it took ten.54s to load the page.
We've browsed the location and it cached at server aspect. when server aspect caching it took four.31s to load the page.
when browser caching it took one.26s to load the page to load the page.
when Running Utility tool/program it took four.32s.
when browser caching it took 824ms to load the location.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Development of Mobile Application

It’s quite long before mobile are used just for making calls. The first mobile phone weighed almost 30 Kilograms and it is used only for incoming and outgoing calls. Later a lot of gadgets came in to existence. But, as of now the world looks like it’s in your pocket. The usage of smart phones and tablets are also raised in high count. This impact leads to development of mobile applications.
In the present world the smart phone are capable enough to provide all the services that desktop can provide. A lot of new mobile applications are adding in to the mobile world day by day.  Mobile application is going viral now days because we can’t imagine a business without mobile application. Shopping, banking and all the major sectors can be handled with help of mobile apps.  Mobile apps are developed under different platforms like Ipad, iphone, Tablets Etc., But, interesting part is mobile app development is not confined with only this. It covers a lot many sectors like Gaming, health, education and many more. 

It’s not really that easy creating a mobile app. Developers and Designers need to overcome many obstacles and challenges to meet the client requirements.  The reason behind creating mobile application is to bring innovation or to bring new path to communicate with the user or customer. It might be a simple or complex application, the goal is to improve the end user experience in one or other way.
Small and Big Firms are now providing various mobile application services like Designing a mobile website, Mobile Advertisements, Mobile application Development plan and many more . The competition now looks like never ending.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Importance of Mobile Application

The usage of smart phones and tablets increased dramatically from couple of years. As of now, Mobiles are not just for making calls. At present time smart phones are able to perform all the activities that PC can perform. This situations turned mobile applications as powerful tools and developers are making the world more compact.
In present days every business is creating an app to reach out to the world. The mobile development is making small and big firms to develop innovative application. Now, every social networking site is able to access through mobile. Apart from social networking site use of banking, Shopping and other important sectors are also maintaining the apps.
Games and Entertainment based application are dragging immense popularity.  With the integration of web in mobiles, possibilities of improving mobile application increased. The use advancement has quickened at a great speed and subsequently, today we have an application for each class.
Mobile applications are making it conceivable to supplant common, traditional routines with more progressive and pragmatic strategies. Individuals are discovering the progressed capacities offered by the new applications simple to utilize and more advantageous.
Now days, Most of the banking is running in mobile devices. This can be called as one such category that is finding its ways in mobile devices. The application available for banking sector is secure and advanced. Paying Bills, Exchange of reserves can be done with few taps from your mobile app. The examination made by late studies report, that more than 40 percent of online exchanges are made utilizing the advanced mobile phone gadgets as a part of Japan, US and other created nations.
Numerous commentators address the absence of security for a portion of the portable managing account applications. Individuals are hesitant to utilize their mobiles for such basic capacities. The budgetary establishments, on the other hand, dis affirm this announcement guaranteeing that portable applications can not the slightest bit brings on any security issues.

The test for engineers concentrating on versatile managing account applications is to address the security concerns, as these concerns are constraining portable saving money development. In the event that versatile applications for the managing an account area are made hazard free and the security concerns are enough tended to then, it can achieve a significant change in the way we bank.