Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Kentico CMS Utility for Improved Site Performance

You may have detected that once a Kentico website is deployed on to a server, after we browse the location pages for the primary time, it takes abundant time to load the pages. Once it's cached at server aspect, then the performance of pages improves.

The solution to avoid the on top of downside would be; if can|we are able to} visit all the pages with-in the location then server aspect cache are going to be generated and performance of the pages will improve. If we've solely variety of|some|many} number of pages we will bonk simply. But, if we've sizable amount of pages then visiting all the pages could become a tough task for the consumer. so as to avoid this sort of issues we want to automatize the visiting of all pages employing a program/tool.

We have created a CMSUtility program/tool to go to all the pages with-in the location mistreatment casperJS.

CasperJS is associate degree open supply navigation scripting & testing utility written in Javascript for the PhantomJS WebKit headless browser and SlimerJS (Gecko). It eases the method of process a full navigation situation and provides helpful high-level functions, strategies & syntactical sugar for doing common tasks such as:

process & ordering browsing navigation steps
Filling & submitting forms
Clicking & following links
Capturing screenshots of a page (or a part of it)
Testing remote DOM
work events
Downloading resources, together with binary ones
Writing useful check suites, saving results as JUnit XML
Scraping net contents


Use casperJS to browse the sitemap.xml of the location. casperJS runs on the PhantomJS surroundings.
for every page listed within the sitemap.xml, do a GET request for the page.
this may create the server cache the page for quicker response for ensuant requests.
The tool can maintain a log for all the pages with-in the location.
The tool would maintain a log of the pages visited and its standing together with reponse time, within the native directory wherever the tool is run from. Example: World Wide
For the primary time it took ten.54s to load the page.
We've browsed the location and it cached at server aspect. when server aspect caching it took four.31s to load the page.
when browser caching it took one.26s to load the page to load the page.
when Running Utility tool/program it took four.32s.
when browser caching it took 824ms to load the location.

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