Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Why a website should be more responsive?

The term Responsive Design became the buzz word in the world of Web Design. The Usage of latest gadgets like Smartphone and tablets are raised from last couple of years. The different screen sizes are putting challenges to web designers to develop a website that suits to every screen size to make the site responsive. In this digital world, Websites are playing a key role in improving the business, sales and approaching customers. So, if that product designed badly it’s almost like losing the biz. 

Factors to make the site responsive:-

The structure of the site needs to be designed in a clear and elegant manner.  If a visitor visits the website he should not be put in to dilemma like where to go now? What to do? How beautifully the site may be designed.  If the site is not guiding the visitor according to the need then the site would be of no use. Site should represent straight to the point like, what it is for? What organization does? One other biggest challenge is to take care is about visibility of the website in multitude of different devices. If the site fails to visible then it would be a drawback as the usage of Gadgets is improving dramatically.
The site speed also plays a prominent role in impressing the customers. Though you place an attractive or good background images, If the site takes more than average time to display then it’s going to lose all your potential customer or visitors.  Translate to different languages need to set up to make the site more visitor friendly across the globe.  Apart from designing, Development is also important just like design, and back end should work just like front end. If the site is able to cover the following factors then it would be a responsive website. So, website needs to be tested to make bug free.
According to SEO point of view site responsiveness is must. Because, the major search engine Google loves the website that are responsive. The result is what matters and you should always know what it means to have a great product on your hands - dedicated clients and many clicks.

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