Monday, 24 November 2014

Kentico 8.2 Official Release Date Confirmed

Kentico CMS is one of leading Enterprise ready content management system. The organization is providing its services from more than a decade. We can also say kentico as online marketing solution for the in-built features like

Online marketing Tools:-
·         Web analytics
·         Campaign management
·         Email marketing and much more

Interesting Content Creation:-
·         In-Built Spell checker
·         Image Editor for Squeezing, re-sizing, rotating

One Stop solution for all websites:-
·         Manage multiple sites
·         You can avoid integration as well development costs

Apart from this you can also create online forms, Support multiple languages Etc., This CMS is well suited for the website that deals with high amount of content like community websites, Building sites for large organizations.  This CMS is holding similar functionalism like Sitecore but at an affordable price.  From years kentico is updating its CMS to make it more powerful and user friendly. The recent upgrade of kentico 8.1 bought major changes like Linked In Integration, Dashboard Tiles, Sharepoint Integration improvement and also improved in few more areas.  Not even 6 months passed kentico is likely to update its CMS with some more features. Recently kentico officially released the confirmed date of its next update Kentico 8.2.
It was confirmed that January 6th, 2015 is the next Kentico Update
From Kentico Official website it came to know about it new update is going to release on 6th jan, 2015 with following features and changes

Now it will be more flexible to create Custom modules for shipping with kentico 8.2.

On-line Marketing:-
Usability enhancements in E-mail Marketing, online marketing performance and also able to import the contacts directly from a file

Web Content management:-
It comes to know that Kentico 8.2 is coming with translation improvements.

Intranet and Collaboration
SharePoint bi-directional synchronization for files (create, update and delete files)
As for now, this is the changes likely to be made.  Need to look for the release to know more about it. They are also setting a platform for Kentico 9 with stronger platform features.

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