Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Different Types of CMS and their Advantages

Before choosing a CMS first you need to have basic knowledge on CMS and different types of Content Management systems. So, that you could be able to pick the one that suits your requirement. On the off chance that you have never utilized a CMS site previously then you truly need to give a try with some CMS that you are flexible with. You should also consider that not all CMS can run in every server. Depending on the Content Management System you need to pick the server. While using Windows server you can choose Umbraco and on the off chance that you are utilizing a Linux based server then you require a CMS like Drupal.
If you are looking for a website with then windows server is most preferable while Linux servers run PHP website best. Though there is chance of content management systems to cross over from one server to another but we can’t expect all the features would be working in it. All content management systems have a very similar way of calling the code onto the base HTML page. Where they differ is how they are built, you should find one that you are comfortable with and how the back end code runs if you are looking to develop for the CMS. The more you are able to play around with the back end code the more you will be able to make the CMS do, either that or you will be running on other peoples modules and plugins that may do what you are looking for but not 100%.

Wordpress was begun off as an individual/Personal blog CMS, which has truly taken off and get to be to a greater extent a CMS device and additionally a compelling blogging apparatus. We can say that Wordpress is a outstanding amongst the most famous CMS online at this moment. Millions of people are using wordpress and has an incredible scope of plugins and is likewise simple to produce for and hurl a snappy and simple site. It is a decent CMS on the off chance that you need to hurl a speedy and simple site with an online journal and a couple of pages.

If you have knowledge to use Drupal then it could be very powerful CMS.There are an extensive variety of free modules that you can use to help rapidly enhance the site. I would say that it is an all the more inside and out CMS and can deal with things like ecommerce better than Wordpress .

Magento is an Ecommerce CMS. It is constructed to handle e commerce and it does it truly well. In the event that you are searching for an enormous e commerce site that you have to have the capacity to control how each one page will capacity and what sort of format each one page may have then, this is the CMS for you. It is incredible for e commerce web plan.
Umbraco - The ASP CMS
This has a comparable kind of force to Drupal and Joomla, it can be extremely adaptable and utilized for an extensive variety of sites and web plans. This will obviously run best on a windows server.

Kentico is one of the powerful CMS mostly used for large content management websites. It holds great features like E-commerce solutions, Intranet, Solid Security, Internet marketing tools and many more.  It comes with more than 70 Modules and also 400 Configurable web parts

This is a enterprise level CMS built on Asp.Net platform. It has features like Social Integration, E-Commerce and many more. Leading global organizations like Nestle, Canon, Toshiba are using Sitecore CMS

What I would recommend is discovering one that you truly like and stick with it. It is better to be decent with one and know all that it can do instead of have light information . I would say that in the event that you don't pick Wordpress as the primary CMS it is beneficial having a light tidying of learning of this CMS so you know how the fundamentals function and how it is built as there is a charge risk that you will run over one of these sites sooner or later.

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