Tuesday, 25 November 2014

CRM Plays a Crucial part for Small Markets to Large Corporation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the technologies, execution that company follow in order to manage the interaction with clients, prospects and data of the customer entire lifecycle, with a goal of improving the customer relationship and business. It is also useful for Marketing, sales and many more. A lot of CRM Vendors are providing CRM Services with different features and tools. It’s the major responsibility to pick a CRM which suits exactly to their organization needs. 

Most Common features of CRM:-

 Sales Force Automation:-

A CRM can track automatically and helps to avoid duplicate inputs between a sales person and a customer

Location based services:-

Few CRM holds the technology which can create marketing campaigns globally on customer location. It can also be used like a contact management tool to find the prospects based on the location.

Automated Contact Center:-

Contact center automation goal is to reduce the long and dull contact center job. This automation might also include with audio file which will assist to resolve the customer problems. This automation process helps to break down the time of call and to simplify the customer support.
Though a lot of CRM vendors are in the market only 4 remained the main for CRM services and following are the main vendors of CRM
  •  Microsoft
  • Salesforce.com
  • Oracle
  • SAP

CRM Services from following companies are widely used across the world. Some other vendors are also popular, but they are limited to small and mid-markets. Large Corporation highly prefer CMS Services from above 4 Vendors.

Social Media:

Some CRM are integrated with top social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Linked In to trace and communicate with customers. This social media helps to improve the business standards and also to take accurate decision.

Difference between B2B and B2C CRM:-

·         When compared to B2C companies B2B companies have smaller database.
·         B2B companies have very low amount of sales. But the environment is built for long time run.
·         The CRM Solutions for B2B companies are not as same as B2C companies, they require special feature in-order process the operations.
·         Personalization is must in order to build a strong and long relation with the customers.

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