Friday, 17 October 2014

Advanced Features of Kentico CMS

Kentico CMS is web content management system to build website and online stores. It is a fastest growing technology in the world. It runs using following Platforms ASP.Net and My Sql. Roughly around 90 countries are using this CMS and more than 18k website are built using this software.  The exclusive features of this software are dragging the attention of the online / Digital marketers. It comes with Web Analytics Metrics, Email Marketing, A/B Testing  Module, Automation Marketing, Content Personalization ( Displaying the required content for the right person in specified time), Contact management and much more. Kentico is a unique solution to build all types of websites like Blogs, Forums, E-Commerce sites, Micro site, Mobile Site, Online Community, portals etc., Using kentico you could build up the website in your desired language and also content can be translated in to any languages. So, your website can entertain visitors from all over the world.
Now you could no longer wait for web developer to create a website forms or surveys for your website or personal needs. Kentico helps to create hundreds of forms with just drag and drop options and can be placed in your website. With the help of this you can create a community websites for you or for your clients which helps for conversation and to explore new ideas. You can also receive the client feedback through discussion forums.
Kentico  helps to create loads of interesting content very easily. You can create content such as News Letters, Campaigns and much more. A website build with kentico comes with high security and no chance of data base information  harmed or getting in to the hands of third party . Kentico developers pay attention to build a highly secured CMS platform. It also supports several types of authentication likes Windows, face book, Live Id, open Id, Custom Authentication mechanism for existing database , Authentication for forms and lot more. Administrator of the website can assign the different roles with permissions.  Every module of the site comes with predetermined set of permits such as Read, Modify, Delete, Approve etc., These permits can only be granted by the administrator. You can also enjoy a new feature of mass e-mailing to all users are preferred users of your website. The members of your site can be able to choose their own time zone. But , Other user can view both the time zone in the forums.
So, It is recommended to create a website using Kentico Platform to enjoy the maximum benefits by cutting all the complexity we face in the other platforms 

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